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MOON MUSIC outermusic 02

Side A

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 15:19
- Journey To The Moon (0:52)
- Monolithic Mystery (1:28)
- Moon Swan (2:12)
- Moonbuggy Hijack (2:15)
- Robotic Arms in Zero Vacuum (0:55)
- Silver Wellies on the Moon (1:14)
- Control Centre (1:08)
- Alone on the Moonbase (1:38)
- Exploring the Lunar Surface (3:29)

Side B

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 16:18
- In Love with a Hologram (1:21)
- Freighter from China (2:28)
- Space Jewellery no. 2 (1:29)
- The Modernist Art in the Captain’s Quarters (0:56)
- Space Fright (1:50)
- Moonbase Activity (4:04)
- Luna Sea (4:07)
When originally produced on CDR in 2003 MOON MOOSIC ended up sounding nothing at all like what I had invisioned it to sound like. Here in 2009 songs from that era have been recollected and the album reassembled to more closely resemble the original idea for MOON MOOSIC, an Electronic Concept album on Lunar exploration and conquest closely reflecting the futurist dreams of maybe the pre-Space Race . I hope also maybe it might convey also a little my sense of invisibility and detachment.
JOURNEY TO THE MOON was recorded live at The Speaker Palace, London with Adrian Bronson on Cello and Colin Verot on drums.
MOON SWAN was produced by overtracking single pitches on the Theremin to form chords and then placing the chords within a pleasing framework.
MOONBUGGY HIJACK is a patchwork of several recordings over time, some live, which resemble the sound of a Moonbuggy ride.
ROBOTIC ARMS was recorded with Jo Brook and Andrew Shire when we played together as ‘The MicroHenrys’. I appreciated the minimal sound we made together which was as minimal as their apartment we recorded this in.
EXPLORING THE LUNAR SURFACE was recorded live at The Portland Arms in Cambridge with Cos Chapman playing slide ebow on a guitar lain flat and myself was on Theremin. We had a spinning cartoonish backdrop of Space scenes with our shadows cast on them to play to
Space Jewellery no. 2 and Modernist Art were produced with a lot of Tape Machine manipulation and splicing.

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