Man From Uranus

SPACE JEWELLERY NO 3 outermusic 03

Side A

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 14:51
- Analogue Tape Music (5:18)
- Sunset After Atom Bomb (1:04)
- Bowling Shoes Jazz descendant (5:22)
- Spatial Argument (0:56)
- Shock Realization (2:05)

Side B

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 16:25
- Tape Hiss – Suburban Family Evening (2:00)
- The Sad Cow Suddenly Remembers (1:53)
- Robot Arranges Flowers, Zaps Monkey (1:14)
- Carousel of Surreal Deaths (2:48)
- Fly and Scared Puppy (4:32)
- Sunrise after Atom Bomb (1:02)
- Synth Splatter (1:05)
Recorded by MFU (synthesizer, Theremin, Organ, Shortwave Feedback) and Adrian Bronson (Cello) in one session where we layered the improvisations over each other 4 times, sometimes not listening to the previous session, sometimes over-tracking on a previous session at half speed. All was recorded on 2-track reel-to-reel tape and the layered improvisations, which were at first a soup of sound, were sculptured down to the minimalist landscapes you hear on Space Jewellery no. 3 – still one of my favourite recordings.

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