Man From Uranus

FUTURE FOCUS outermusic 06

Side A

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 24:53
- Advice (1:50)
- Luminaire Redux (1:33)
- Baffler Hypermetrical (0:40)
- Oh Now You’re Gonna Pay (2:27)
- The Future is on Fire (1:47)
- Space Jewellery no. 4 (1:40)
- The Iron Virgin (2:39)
- The Test Tube Girl (2:21)
- Prisoner in Orbit (0:45)
- Accident 23 (2:53)
- Accident 21 (3:25)
- People Are Dying Up Here (2:41)

Side B

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 26:29
- Future Focus (1:31)
- The Free Synth Explosion (1:49)
- MFU Basketball Association (4:10)
- Chased Down the Alley by a Hammerhead Shark (2:25)
- The Girl Who Hated Air (2:44)
- Peg With All her Tubes In (2:51)
- New Rock Professor (2:14)
- New Planet Professor (8:03)
A collection of music from around the time of 2006 during a peak era of performance.
The first four tracks were recorded in preparation for Future Focus, a show commissioned by the Royal College of art in London.
Space Jewellery no. 4 was recorded with Broadcast with MFU on Vibraphone, James Cargill on cymbals, and Trish Keenan on MS20.
The Iron Virgin, Test Tube Girl, and Prisoner In Orbit were recorded using samples of amateur YouTube drummers, infact the drummer on Test Tube Girl is 6 years old.
The Accidents were recorded with Adrian Bronson and Paul Wilson on Cello, Viola, and Chor Anglais.
The Free Synth Explosion was recorded with Broadcast, with MFU on drums and overtracked synths, Trish Keenan on Vibes and zither, and James Cargill on Synthesizer.
MFU Basketball Association was recorded with Electronic group Vacuum on Vacuum. On this track I play the Theremin through my beeper hat, causing a rhythmic staccato effect.
Peg With All Her Tubes In was inspired by a village newsletter which featured on its front cover a faded yellow picture of a local old woman with two crows superimposed on either side of her head, dying in a hospital bed with the caption reading Peg With All Her Tubes In. I was captivated by its crass naïve and invisible nature.
New Rock Professor was recorded live at the Portland Arms in Cambridge UK, and New Planet Professor features my son Arjuna Mowgli on vocals.

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