Man From Uranus


Side A

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 19:33
- Meat Planet (7:03)
- Far From Earth (12:29)

Side B

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MPEG v1 Layer III
length: 18:05
- Hip Operation (3:34)
- Space Injury (6:32)
- Meteor Strike (2:36)
- Blues For Saturn (5:19)
Abattoir of the Spheres was recorded in one session of layered improvised tape over-tracking by MFU (synthesizer, organ, theremin, tape) Adrian Bronson (Cello, Chor Anglais, Viola) Paul Wilson (Chor Anglais, Viola) and Jon Siller (drums).
This is the darkest and most ominous MFU recording to date.
Jon Siller was not present at the recording but instead was added later. His drum sounds were taken from YouTube and slowed down on tape to half speed from his original speed-drum styles, highlighting various anomalies in his playing, sounding like a drumkit falling down the stairs or perhaps, because he hits the drums so hard – he’s a big guy – his slowed down sound is comparable to John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) in a blender.

Oh yeah, these drums Im talking about only get going on side B, Jon siller does not feature on Side A

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