Man From Uranus


Past performances...

26 Aug 19
Fingers Crossed Cafe, Hackney London
Sharing the evening with Total Brownish
27 Jul 19
Turku Festival, Finland
Was very hot, got attacked by Mosquitoes. In Finland. 
12 Jun 19
Shephards Bush O2 supporting Stereolab
Played a fine set with Vanishing Twin supporting one of the most important bands in my musical development. 
8 Jun 19
Meadows In The Mountains Festival Bulgaria
With Susumu Mukai (Zongamin) and Kenichi Iwasa
13 Apr 19
New River Studios London
Incredible Society Show
8 Apr 19
The Lexington London
Supporting AK/DK
23 Mar 19
La Maroqinnerie Paris
Supporting Snapped Ankles
20 Oct 18
Cos Chapmans 60th Birthday party
A glorious all evening event with many friends playing - the delight of the evening for me was sharing the stage with pete Um. We traded playing songs back and forth, taking turns. i hope to do that again soon.
8 Aug 18
Shaklewell Arms London with DJ Airplane and Spaceship
A space disco party with a colourful icelandic space fairy. I managed some nice synaesthetic shapes with the speakers. Caught some smiles. Played tracks from Alien Flowers, Duck wars, and previewed new songs I had just recorded for Hot Space
26 May 18
Stour Space London with Shatner's Basoon
It had been maybe ten years or so since I played with the amazing avant punk jazz group from Leeds and they were so good. Very strange sound system, so I had to adapt my music on the spot to fit the sound, deconstructing my music which i enjoy doing.
24 Jan 18
Moth Club London supporting SNAPPED ANKLES
This was a fun show. sold Out. Big Crowd. Really had em into it. Played kinda trashy but trashy was good for the night. Sold alot records. The announcement that Mark e Smith of the Fall had just passed away came between my set and Snapped ankles. RIP. the Fall are a huge influence, adding to the tension aspect of what I try to do
22 Oct 17
Cafe Oto London supporting Shit and Shine
I had so much fun at this sold out show. Each track was presented as a song from a fictitious mFu LP, the cover of which I projected on the wall behind me. Entertaining concept for me and the audience. Shit and Shine played one Looong song based on a Steely Dan sample.
27 Apr 17
New River Studio London MFU and Sculpture
Shared a great night with my long time pals in visual music group Sculpture
20 Nov 16
Lightspeed Vortex New River studios London
Long psychedelic space jam to a very small audience with a great band for the evening, Gardylew Spew on sax, Kenichi Iwasa and Jonas Golland on percussion, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt joining me on guitar. Some nice moments
17 Oct 16
Lexington with Laetitia Sadier
Having recorded in the summer with Laetitia I was invited to play one song with her during her set on MS20 synthesizer. It was a great moment for me to play with one of my long time favourite musicians and inspirations.
13 Oct 16
Damo Suzuki and Xaviers at the Shaklewell
This came as suprise last minute to be asked to play guitar with Damo Suzuki from Can and Xaviers ( my housemate Kenechi and two of Bo Ningen ). Sold out show and we played with great energy. I lost my pick and used a metal bottle cap which provided some awesome glassy sounds. A favourite show. Very happy to play in dual guitar with Yuki, one of my favourite guitarists
8 Oct 16
Freaksville 10th Anniversy
A show I put on myself for my friends and colleagues from Liege Belgium who play some of the finest late 60s style French pop. It was a wonderful evening. Played drums in the first act with Jacques Duvall and keys in the last act with the Loved Drones. Everyone dancing, great vibe. mademoiselle nineteen, Benjamin Schoos and Laetita sadier played a set of gorgeous melodic songs in the middle. 
30 Sep 16
Psych Fest night in Brighton
A much better more light hearted show with Vanishing Twin. Colourful hippy trippy 60s vibe to the evening and we had some cool musical moments  Nice to be by the Sea and in Brighton
26 Sep 16
Rough Trade Vanishing Twin album launch
One of my favourite shows ever and such a thrill to playing at the Rough Trade instore venue on the week of the launch of our debut album. So many friends came and helped with sound and filming and it felt like a concert and very warm vibes. Could do this night again and again. We played super well.
24 Sep 16
Liverpool Psyche Fest
I did not enjoy this. It was anything but my idea of psychedelic. Dark rooms, heavy sounds, too much beer from too many beer tokens and was drunk by stagetime with vanishing twin. Equipment thrown to the side by stage hands immediately on finish. Ended up with a massive headache and the chills on torturous nightlong drive home - woke up in Angel, and it was.
14 Sep 16
Le Batofar, Paris
Played on a beautiful metal tugboat moored on the river Seine in the centre of Paris supporting the legendary Silver Apples with Vanishin Twin. We pulled off a very intense psychedelic show and the crowd loved us from the start. Great vibe and a very cool debut Paris show for us. Also played live in session the evening before on France Intel to 60, 000 listeners.
7 Aug 16
Electronic Network, Vinyl Deptford London
Played an early evening set in dup with Justin Paton on dance grooves and myself on electronic organ and drum sampler. noisey but good energy and fun improv and great to play with my old pal. In the basement of the record shop to a handful of people.
20 Jul 16
Beatless, Windmill Brixton
Ten year gap since the last time I played at the Windmill Brixton. Played a solo electronic set of very abstract library outer space sounds. A quiet evening after the ferocity of the previous event. 
19 Jul 16
Club Hell
A very sophisticated event in a south London art space with fire dancers and satanic rituals, a chamber orchestra. I played a set of pulsating electronic noise. Enjoyed this night very much indeed. Uranus in the Underworld
17 Jul 16
Lightspeed Vortex
First show with the twin noise guitar and drum trio of mfu, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and jonas Golland. We played a beautifully loud a nd ferocious wave of sound, entrancing and powerful. one of my fave nights. Sean quite a showman. Incorporated friends of mine in other acts including Grace Kuhl and the British Public and Justin Paton live electronics. was a great friendly evening and New River Studios round the corner of my house is an amazing community arts venue.
9 Jul 16
Dalston Music Festival
Played a headline show with Vanishing Twin at the Dalston Boys club, an antique ballroom venue. We let loose and it was quite a party! One of my favourite nights. was great to hang out on the rooftop terrace beneath the invisible London summer stars.
3 May 15
Land of Kings Festival, London
outdoor festival playing with Orlando
18 Apr 15
Magic Galaxy 2 - Apiary studios London
Played with a really great three piece mfu ensemble of Edmund Davie on Electronics and Steve poulacharis on drums, supported by Pete Um and Miss Roberts/Cos Chapman from the Rude Mechanicals - all of us having our roots in Cambridge 2000. A really warm, fun evening. 
17 Apr 15
Lexington, London - with Orlando, supporting Wire
with Orlando supporting Wire
7 Apr 15
Ryans Bar, Stoke Newington London
I start again keeping record of shows. This one was very laid back - only the band I was supporting were in the audience, but I liked that, I just wanted to play for myself and try out new styles of playing. completely improvised new samples - used only 3 machines, sampler synth and theremin which I placed very close to the keyboards. walking distance from home. a quiet night out
21 Feb 15
Voyage to the Magic Galaxy, Apiary Studios, London
First big event I put on at the wonderful Apiary studios. Very well attended and a relaxed atmosphere, perhaps partially due to the hypnotic audio/visuals in the bar made by mfu and Monika Bancyrr. Astrakan and Lunch Money, both great psych jazz bands palyed and I did a set with Jake Jellica and Edmund Ommm, both on synth. some really nice moments of beautiful sounds.
26 Oct 13
Live at the Horse Hospital
Sleepwalking shattered and irritable after being up for 48 hrs, but the music was great and so many lovely people. Nice to share a show with the Rude Mechanicals and play with Mick Frangou on drums. Played to a series of five films.
16 Oct 13
Multi-Faceted Universe
George Tavern, London. with Dan Hayhurst, Sally Kindberg, Now DJs. A wonderful warm friendly night and far out music and great fun putting on a show with Sally
1 Aug 13
George Tavern with Now and Now we got Members
Really fell for the George Tavern. Perfect venue. Did a great set with Jake Jellica - Now were superb. An awesome evening.
29 Aug 12
Restart of Performance log
Since  the show with Pram I have performed perhaps another 100+ which I wish now I had kept track of and had not stopped documenting. some of them have been very surreal, some tremendous, a few dreadfull ones.
16 Nov 07
Pram are a lovely group of people and experiencing their music again made me realize suprisingly just how much of an influence they were on the development of my own sound.
2 Nov 07
University of Bath
Awful night of Sanctimonioous avant-flub experienced through a head-splitting migraine. death. Sinister bald guy at the turntable kept playing Can records while staring at us like he invented it.
22 Oct 07
Supporting Kling Klang
6 Oct 07
CUBECINEMA bristol 9th Anniversary party
Cube 9 from Outer Space - One of the best gigs ever. The Cube in Bristol is a great community run venue, with a beatiful old cinema theatre. It was the 9th anniversary of the Cube, and everyone dressed up in the most amazing sci-fi fancy dress. I headlined the show - it was very loud and chaos and it was a joy to see an audience of moshing aliens. Played bowls with speaker monitors, blew the main PA. Total rock!
22 Sep 07
Qwack(e) Event Bristol
Amazing event of several artists on two facing stages. brilliant evening. Each artist had 20 minutes to play with the first and last five minutes improvising with the next musician on the stage across.
2 Sep 07
In association with Bad Timing. with Les Club Des Chats and Skitanja. The Portland Arms, Cambridge. i did a one off spoken word to music song about my head in a fish tank.
8 Jun 07
The Windmill, Brixton, London
with RaagnaGrok - i dont remember this one, not that it was uneventfull. It Might be the one where the audience was mainly Japanese kids who absolutely loved it.
24 May 07
 this was a great gig in which I played so furious I almost was in need of an ambulance. My theremin sounded very Hendrix distortion and was fun to play.  I played about ten songs, all improvised but pretended they were written, with singing, through echo. 
29 Apr 07
with AOTEA and DEATH SENTENCE: PANDA! all 3 of us were pretty crazy. sizzling energies in the air
3 Mar 07
London George tavern with NOW and Rebecca Closure
This was a fun gig
3 Feb 07
with UM, the Resistance, and Wave 67.Did Not enjoy this one at all. weird crowd
16 Nov 06
CAMBRIDGE Bad Timing 5th Anniversary party with Large Number
Great to share an evening with Ann Shenton, one of my great inspirations in electronic rock music. Played a cool improv noise set that went up and never came down. The video Mathematical Fusion of Particles is from this show.
10 Nov 06
LONDON Bardens Boudoir with Ascoltare and DJ Scotch Egg
This was one gig where i thought i should stop playing in London so much. Too dark, was put on first when only a quarter of the punters had arrived, wasnt paid. I did one of my angry performances. Got some nice sounds by banging the mic against the floor, effected through thunderous reverb and ring modulation.
26 Oct 06
CAMBRIDGE man on the moon with UM and The Chap
always a joy to play with both UM and The Chap
15 Jul 06
LONDON Corsica Studios with No Bra and Large Number
Kind of a weird gig. Happy to be there though, got a migraine halfway through the night. Met the keyboard fella from soft Cell who liked the fact that i used a reel tape machine onstage like he did in soft Cell.
14 Jun 06
CAMBRIDGE Bad Timing with Ariel Pink
I love ariel Pink. Great dreamlike avant-pop music. one of my favourite artists ever, so a real joy to meet and play with him and his band. Got so stoned and drunk with ariel before the show that i was seeing double when I hit the stage, oops. They stayed round mine afterwards for the weekend.
25 Apr 06
CAMBRIDGE man on the moon
11 Apr 06
LONDON walthamstow pub as guest of RAAGNAGROK (tri-raagnagrok)
Mark, zali and i making pleasant squiggly sounds in the corner
8 Apr 06
LONDON Royal College of Art FUTURE FOCUS exhibition
the RCA set up a really great show for me and it felt pretty special to be celebrated in such a way.
1 Apr 06
LONDON Node One Area Ten peckham warehouse party
Big big stage, massive PA system. I came on stage to 'Eye of the Tiger'. I felt like U2 or something.
10 Mar 06
FRANCE LYON Echo Sonore Festival with and NInki V
Two crazy soloists musicians go to France, play a show in front of a huge audience and hang out together by the river, cafes, and cathedrals. Beautiful city!
25 Feb 06
LONDON Drones Club with Entropy Circus and Charles Hayward
Did a rather uneventful set in semi darkness
23 Feb 06
LONDON the Luminaire Kabaret Spielraum with Tits of Death
total amnesia
14 Feb 06
LONDON Cargo You Are Hear radio show event with Ninki V and Asja Auf Capri
Terrible show for me. Nothing was right, and such a big event too. I think I might be cursed in that way
26 Jan 06
CAMBRIDGE Kosmische In Kambridge Bad Timing Portland Arms with Sculpture
somehow this show was related to Kosmische club, the name franchised out to Bad Timing for the evening. Sculpture is awesome.
19 Jan 06
BURY ST. EDMUNDS a roadhouse style poolhall (great show)
Provencial pub literally covered in St. Georges flags but had a great show and hung out with Pete and met Matt abysmal.
12 Jan 06
LONDON Deptford Utrophia night with Ninki V
Dark gig, not all that great. i think I was quite exhausted
1 Jan 06
LONDON NOw HQ New Years Eve party with Ninki V
new Years party at Justin's back when he had a big warehouse studio flat and the biggest rabbit you'd ever imagine. Good times. Ninki V and me rocked it together as a duo at the stroke of midnight.
11 Nov 05
LONDON A Music Club with Now Ninki V Rebecca Closure
twin theremin action, joined by Chris shade on Trumpet.
6 Nov 05
LONDON The Luminaire Kabarett Spielraum with the Rude Mechanicals
Got angry at people talking in the audience while I was playing so lashed at them with volumous beauty and sang a weird pop song that I can't recall
2 Nov 05
LONDON The Metro with FAUST as part of the Stella Maris Drone Orchestra
somebodys amp blew up and caught fire onstage
28 Oct 05
LONDON TemporaryContemporary Gallery with Sculpture and Ninki V
Powerfully good gig well documented by adam Clitheroe in the film One man in the Band. Played one song with a guy who uses a powerdrill as an instrument. that was fun.
6 Oct 05
LONDON The SpreadEagle Shoreditch
Last show at the amazingly seedy punk rock spread eagle in Dalston, before it lost the dancing pole and mirrors and became just another Hoxton dive. lament
17 Sep 05
HOLLAND Den Haag with UM
The best thing about this show was Pete Um dressed as on safari with a bellydancer gyrating flirtatiously around him his entire set. He didnt seem too amused, but it was awesome and a shame it didnt get filmed.
16 Sep 05
such a joy to play at the home of the great 70s German rock group. I played as part of a drone ensemble in a large refurbished barn complete with huge PA and rock lights. cool experience.
15 Sep 05
GERMANY Berlin The Bastard club with UM and Felix Kubin
First time in Berlin. I was treated very well, but I did not like this show. The stage was far too high above the audience, only had 20 minutes to play, . A bit of an exhausting night - felt like work.
14 Sep 05
GERMANY Hamburg the Weltbuhne with UM and Felix Kubin
First gig in Germany in a beautiful red ballroom overlooking the city. our host Felix Kubin played a grand set of great songs. Cool party, was very tired though.
3 Sep 05
This set is legendary and to this day random people mention it to me who were there. My very talented children joined me onstage on drums and theremin. It was chaos but great fun and everyone loved it.
30 Aug 05
LONDON The Social with Volunteer
Musically, a very fine concentrative set due to the placement of the speakers making things a bit more synaestasiac than normal.
19 Aug 05
LONDON Drones Club with NOW as part of the Stella Maris Drone Orchestra
Now were super duper superb
13 Aug 05
PALIMPSEST FESTIVAL CAMBRIDGE Played two songs with UM during his set.
I love hijacking UM sets - 2 heathen brothers busting out the angelics in a massive church
8 Aug 05
Live radio session for YOU CAN HEAR on resonance FM 104.4 FM in London
first time on the radio. great experience. Magz and Jim are a lovely pair
23 Jul 05
MASONIC LODGE PARTY MARBLE ARCH aborted solo set and with Stella Maris
This night was a holy experience. Beautiful palace like building. I was in control of the sound and shot all 8 of us into the red creating the most massive wall of distorted sound, but with implied rythyms and it was the first time the stella maris drones had people dancing - like jackals. underneath a big cinema screen of planes taking off. cathartic, and then the rest of the night was great and on until the morning.
8 Jul 05
THE KLINKER LONDON with Mark(electronics)Adrian(Cello)Ninki V(Harp, 2xTheremins)Alistair(Trumpet)
24 Jun 05
22 Jun 05
BAD TIMING CAMBRIDGE Bad Timing Club with Ommm and The Accountant
18 Jun 05
SONIC ARTS NETWORK Scarborough with Ninki V and Ergo Phizmiz
10 Jun 05
9 Jun 05
2 Jun 05
as part of STELA MARIS supporting ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE at the Spitz London
20 May 05
STELA MARIS Barden's Boudoir with Cul De Sac
18 May 05
11 May 05
BAD TIMING PORTLAND ARMS with The Chap and The Resistance
10 May 05
CB1 Cambridge Jesters Poetry Night Played Space Jewellery 3 with Adrian in the corner of a bookshop
4 May 05
SPACE 1999 SHOW On the Rocks Shoreditch London
29 Apr 05
28 Apr 05
STELLA MARIS DRONE ORCHESTRA at barden's Boudoir for KosmischeKlub
23 Apr 05
TATE MODERN - RaW Canvas Event - with Psychotropic Carousel
23 Apr 05
BEING IN MOTION EVENT 291 Gallery Hackney London with mfu band project Psychotropic Carousel
9 Apr 05
7 Apr 05
100th MFU Gig!! THE SPREADEAGLE SHOREDITCH Joint space-rock venture with the Bisons
14 Mar 05
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY Cambridge Poetry Series jammed with Steven Roedefer
7 Mar 05
THE SPITZ WHITECHAPEL lONDON with Psychotropic Carousel
5 Mar 05
KOSMISCHE Stoke Newington with stela Maris supporting Barry 7s The prey
28 Feb 05
Cambridge University Cambridge Poetry Series
27 Feb 05
The Priors Inn Bury St. Edmunds East Anglia with UM
23 Feb 05
UPGRADE AND AFTERLIFE CB2 Cambridge Performed with Adrian and Pete UMhausen as Psychotropic carousel
21 Feb 05
Cambridge University Cambridge Poetry Series
16 Feb 05
CHARTERhOUSE BAR Farringdon London with Psychotropic Carousel
14 Feb 05
Cambridge University Cambridge Poetry Series
13 Feb 05
Cambridge Kettles Yard art Gallery LEAPS graphic score performances playing with adrian Bronson
7 Feb 05
4 Feb 05
Projector Records night THE SPEADEAGLE Shoreditch London. Great place to play - cool bar staff, trashy Kitsch stage, distorted soundsystem, drunk people.
Had a cool time playing with the million sounds blasting out of the speaker below the reel-to reel
31 Jan 05
Cambridge University Cambridge Poetry Series
29 Jan 05
CLUB NEUROTICA / DEBUNKER Warehouse Rave in LimeHouse London
26 Jan 05
GAVIN TURKS ART STUDIO a big late night party round his celebrating his new exhibition in New York where he has grafted his face onto Warhol portraits. Really good fun, cool crowd.
Great start to 2005 - Did a very chaotic set about drugs, wanking and nightmares. Cool seeing old friends I havent seen in awhile.
11 Dec 04
The REAL electrical music show (((((SpeakerPalace)))) a beautifully perfect night. My minimalist modernist symbolist fantasies made flesh.
Disinformation/strange attractor were a joy to play with, Dan Hayhurst was brilliant, and my set, NOVEMBER UNIFORM was pretty good art and very hypnotic
9 Dec 04
THE SPITZ LONDON with Strange attractor and Dissinformation, supporting Lee Renaldos avant-garde band Text of Light
I played out-of-focus and all over the place - I felt vulgar and incompetant, and there was an isolation between myself and the audience. These kind of awful gigs creep up when least expected. Ouch!
4 Dec 04
Andre Street Hugos Birthday Party - Last show with the LPO.
30 Nov 04
PlaYED with Simon Fell on Double bass to about 10 people drawing and tapping on easels in a small paint splattered room with a skeleton.
27 Nov 04
THE EYE STOKE NEWINGTON LONDON BEAT CLUB 60's garage rock night Thee Exciters played cool authentic Stooges rock.
A good evening, not many people there, but I rocked it and weirded out and had a good time. Miss Hypnotique played Theremin with me on a couple of tracks.
24 Nov 04
The Foundry London guest of Miss Roberts
Adrian and I improvised with organ, cello, and a huge wurlitzer organ. Completely abstract and very electric .
23 Nov 04
Cambridge Poetry Series. Very cool, modernist, and intense gig. Extremely attentive audience. Probably my most delicate performance, like spinning a little spiderweb.
Played Theremin, sequencer, and tape recordings of Espionage radio call signals and shortwave test tones through the Shortwave, using it as an amplifier. It was haunting, poignant, and beautiful.
20 Nov 04
Club Neurotica illegal rave party in North London. It was hard going warming that audiences heart, but the other bands had problems too, so I kept it in mind that my music is beautiful
Until, right in the middle of Wild Animals, I get a tap on my shoulder and turn to see two cops standing behind me. They raided the place and closed it down and thought I was running the whole show.
16 Nov 04
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY POETRY SERIES some old posh proffesor Poet guy cam in at the start of the show and said "Are you setting up some sound system to make some loud noise?" sounding very disgruntled.
"Well", he said "I hope you contain yourself". He came up to me after the Recital and said he really enjoyed it (even though I was pumping out loads of noise and weird beats and could hardly contain myself)
13 Nov 04
ELECTRICAL MUSIC SHOW 3 ((((((( speaker palace)))))) NOW faux-cola MFU? little Princess Orchestra
Now were superb. I would like to do more shows with them in the future. Hugo turned everything on its head again instigating a 15 piece MFU/LPO that was a sleepy mess of subversion.
12 Nov 04
UPGRADE AND AFTERLIFE CB2 CAMBRIDGE with Ascoltare and Andrew Coleman and MFU as modular organist, rather than thereminist. Must get my vocalist fears sorted.
I was worrying about my competance for this one, but it turned out allright. Pete siad it was my best show yet. It certaintly was an interesting zone, will probably stick to this formula for awhile.
10 Nov 04
Pretty cool and laid back show. Very enjoyable. Performed 'LAYERS' with Adrian on Cello. I won a bar of Chocalate for an art contest by default. I was third place, the first two winners didnt show.
9 Nov 04
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY POETRY SERIES previewed a semi-improv composition called LAYERS with Adrian Bronson on Cello
The method of layers is to perform as a two piece to a previously recorded and edit-composed, um, recording of us playing the same instruments. So therefore its layered. you see.
2 Nov 04
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY POETRY SERIES used this one as a chance to preview new solo material rather than improvise.
Felt good, sounded suprisingly good. Nice to meet new people locally - a good counterpoint to the SpeakerPalace.
28 Oct 04
SQUAT PARTY IN ALDGATE LONDON WITH LPO Hellish never ending torture in death squat.
The Little Princess Orchestra's set reflected this and everyone fled from our confrontational and dada rock set. Anger was in the air. It was horrible but hardcore.
24 Oct 04
RED ROSE CLUB LONDON all day avant-garde jazz/sound event - really enjoyed the Eddie Provost Trio
Played in a quartet with Simon H Fell (double bass) Alex ward (clarinet) Steve Beresford (lo-fi electronic gadgets)
23 Oct 04
The sound man said he wished he'd taken mushrooms because I made him feel like he was tripping.
23 Oct 04
The SpeakerPalace KAOS Salon Des Artistes many many mini acts of sublime talent and fun - It was appropriately surreal
Having spent three weeks in isolation, mixing down LPO tracks, I got back onstage with them with a new found love. Explosive disco. Marks drone machine rules!
19 Oct 04
2nd CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY POETRY SERIES played with guitarist Eric White, who did alot of White noise.
These are very interesting gigs - a strange environment and I'm thoroughly thankful for them. Having just packed in my 9 to 5 job, the regular pay is welcome too - also good to dig some poetry.
12 Oct 04
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY POETRY SERIES The beginning of a very happy residency as the inhouse electronic muzak dude
Poetry meetings held with various guest poets from about the globe in a modern minimalist building in an airless black cube in the basement. I play electronics during the intervals. good crowd.
1 Oct 04
THE KLINKER LONDON with THE NOW and DAVID RUSSELL (william burroughs twin)
Did an unexpected improv performance with Soraya(guitar)killamanjaro(piano)steve Ding(bass)Hugo Danino(vox) - It was righteous, jazzy, polyrythmic, laid back and cool
25 Sep 04
18 Sep 04
Chats Palace Hackney with the Little Princess Orchestra
A tiny baby in nappies scooted out to the middle of the floor and Sam and Carmel started singing 'I don't wanna be a baby' while Hugo got down on his knees and started sucking his thumb
18 Sep 04
14 Andre street Hackney second show in the same night with the Little Princess Orchestra
This was nothing short of an ultra ultra amazing experience for me - got invited to do a talk show, of all things....... moi j'adore la LPO!!!
11 Sep 04
KAOS KLUB 14 Andre street Hackney Not feeling up to socializing with humans, instead wanting a pizza and a film and sleep, I got in the car and drove to London to play a gig at 1am, naturally
Another fun 15 minutes of mayhem with the Little Princess Orchestra, surrounded by a few hours of pretending to be socialable in a badly amateurish fashion
8 Sep 04
BlangClub 12 bar London SAM AMANT AND THE MAN FROM URANUS we kicked it as a psychic duo from space/Sams geetar sounded like a chicken
We got in serious trouble for drinking illegal beers and smoking spliffs onstage and the music veered wildly from funkadelic to bubble bath music/I revelled in the joys of modular voice synthesis
14 Aug 04
((((((((HUGOS SPEAKER PALACE)))))))))) THE ELECTRICAL MUSIC SHOW 1 - dissapointing turnout, but a cool party and a great send off for my pals Colin and Nicolas, who will be missed greatly.
All the bands were wired and fantastically out there and the DJing was the perfect mix of Ligeti, eurodisco, new wave, and Beefheart. Had a pretty cool band for the night.
14 Jul 04
BAD TIMING Portland Arms Cambridge 8pm with John Callaghan
A gig I'd love to do again. Really fun and intense. Colin and Nicolas invented an armband tape recorder device with electronic sunglasses.
3 Jul 04
hugos speaker palace 14 Andre street HACKNEY LONDON Kicked it with Pete and Danalogue on 'lights are on at the moonbase' during their smoove vov set.
gUESTED in a short explosive set with THE LITTLE PRINCESS ORCHESTRA. Hugo bashed my set into a Beefheart free-for-all pulp : - )
25 Jun 04
This was a super-cool party, and a fantastic way to end an era. Lots of lights and people dancing, and the crazy suprise Japanese Trumans Waters style noise band Tyrannasaurus Jerk ripped it up.
20 Jun 04
SUNDAY THE SPITZ LONDON with TCFTSIST, They came from the Sea(brilliant surf music), John Callahan, QRT, and Spinmaster Plantpot
This was a pretty fun show, and a lot of people turned up. Thanks again to Krispy-Kreme employees Sam and Soraya for serving the donuts HOT!
16 Jun 04
HANBURY BALLROOM BRIGHTON 8PM with the brilliant (and they'll tell you that) THEY CAME FROM THE STARS, i SAW THEM (they reached out to me from the middle distance)
Because between me and TCFTSIST a zillion wires were strewn everywhere around the stage, I spent the whole of 'wild animals' dressed as a Panda with pink welly gloves searching for my theremin lead.
5 Jun 04
INTERZONE 111 yep, Interzone one hundred and eleven. an ackwardly brilliant show.
Our soundcheck slowly evolved into a performance, and Sam played on the floor strumming her guitar through a Phaser whispering in French. I like that sort of thing.Sub 55.
26 May 04
kirk beeped, PDA glitched, hienti mantrad, ASCOLTARE made sound cathedrals, UM humoured sharply, MFU jazzed. No Oxygen, ghastly sound.
7 May 04
INTERZONE III Yet another Fantastic party! What would I do without Soraya and Sam? I dunno.
First time singing and I was scared, but it worked. Nice night out with my Cambridge bros UM/Ascoltare. Blinding solo MFU set, and good set with Sam but her pneumonia called her short, poor girl.
1 May 04
MARK HAMMONDS KOOL BAKERY PARTY very charming and shambolical evening round his, and I got royally swindled out of a tenner by small children
I wish to take the MC Danny to EVERY show I do. Sam and I did a very nice set at a very low volume.
24 Apr 04
We brought new wave into the future and Sam convinced me its allright playing with Barry White. Hello to Baltimore, Maryland crew - It was a pleasure, hope you got back safely!
21 Apr 04
CAFE AFRIKA sturton street Cambridge A really pleasant show, nice jazz bar atmosphere. Really lovely and charmingly inept soundcrew.
All the sound from my instruments dissapeared 3 songs from the end ( solar flare disturbance I can only guess ) so I had to play the feedback off the desk. I dig calamity sometimes!
16 Apr 04
Our first show as a duo proper - we didnt know most of our songs and so improvised alot - Got acquainted with the very nice strange attractor Mark Pilkington. Hugo's Speaker Palace is the place.
27 Mar 04
BULL AND GATE North London . MFU full band experience, a human puppet show at random moments.
Bizarre psychedelic electronic modernist jazz band - Sam Amant, Danalogue, Luciano,and MFU as THE FLOATING DEAD SUBMARINERS
5 Mar 04
INTERZONE BOXING RING WAREHOUSE PARTY - Sam and Sorayah are the queens of the universe for putting on the best party ever, and they really should do more. Fantastic atmosphere, nice people
I'll never forget this show, played in a boxing ring, took off mycrash helmut to realize the PA was spitting psychedelic sparks everywhere. Played with LUCIANO SAXOPHONO and SAM AMANT..
28 Feb 04
The SANDPIPER SESSIONS KINGS COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE - second show in a week in a posh listed building. Lots of poets showed up and I felt a bit like a 'beat' musician of the Kerouac variety, I dream
Great party - cool PA situation - French dudes with big shades - UM rocked the basement in a Fireman's outfit like he came to put out the burning set of 'Grease'.
22 Feb 04
Finally fulfilled my dream of playing live for my 6 year old daughter - did a song about stars and worms and enjoyed playing in a gallery environment.
21 Feb 04
MAGAZINE CLUB Fortress Studio - For the most part this was a terrible show show, just way too many problems, and I couldnt get off the ground
My Theremin lead was accidently cut by stagehands, a Saudi Arabian fella said it was the best show he'd seen in '7 years', some dude rapped lazily about basketball simultaneously to my toy-shop beats
7 Feb 04
Halfwaythrough my set the left engine caught fire and I had to resort to emergency back-up systems to bring the shaking jet crashing down on to the tarmac with a noisy thump. cool.
30 Jan 04
the EYE in STOKE NEWINGTON LONDON (used to live there, dontcha know)
Fell in love with a small tree someone had placed in that no-man's land semi-circle people make in front of the stage. Effects case crashed to the floor during climax of set.
21 Jan 04
Strange reserved atmosphere. Did a sort of theme about a rejected musical android which I enjoyed doing but Pete's right, it was a bit on the clever side.
10 Jan 04
Um rocked in crystal clarity, heard things I never heard before. I slammed my head on the hanging PA 4 times; awaiting stroke. Jammed with French ROck Chick on synth for encore.
20 Dec 03
A really fun gig....lots of happy people and I weirded it as the Android tranny BEE TSAR with the guest appearance from the magical CHRISTMAS HORSE. wonderful evening.
6 Dec 03
Packed venue, good show, in and out of the zone. Simon and Danalogue rocked it for me with the sounds, some feller said I was good, but he thought I was MAD. ok..
29 Nov 03
This was a highly funky show and I danced like James Brown and not like a dad - Miss Hypnotique joined me on the Theremin at the end and I gave her a big stage kiss. She's lovely!
3 Nov 03
An hour and a half of Theremin music from around the Globe - theres alot of us antennae freaks out there - and we're taking over the world! Can also be heard on Broadband from
22 Oct 03
Baaad Timin' the Portland Cambridge - With UM and FELIX KUBIN ( they were both excellant, and some said it was my best show, Pete, who knows me, disagrees
14 Oct 03
Bull & Gate Camden London. When you walk onstage its SPEAKER WORLD - iTS LIKE FLYING AN mfu ROCKETSHIP
Nice rockshow - lots of nice people - finally met hypnotique MISS HYNOTIQUE. HI to Walter, and Richard, and McDEATH! first encore, and that does actually mean something.
11 Oct 03
CIDER SHED, Bantum, Norwich, near Diss, across from the ZOO 830PM - Crazy Brixton Cabaret showpeople lost in the countryside
Outer Space Theremin jam with the Explosive NAKED RUBY - Sonic Youth meets Elvis with alien gogodancers and a manic cider fueled audience of pleasant country folk. Hi Lynn and Jules!Nice to meet yuh!!
20 Sep 03
Switzerland, Bern, Dachstock Reitschule - Played a rioteous, focused rock show in front of absolutely no-one in a venu the size of cambridge Corn exchange
First mini-Euro tour- loved it! Bern is a beautiful care-free place - huge graffiti covered venue- lots of nice people giving me things (biscuits, pot) - saw 3 freindly bears in an ancient circle
6 Sep 03
The Windmill,Brixton, London SURFARELLA party with The Deptford Beach Babes and Naked Ruby
Well, she wasnt "Naked" but she was Damn close - Both of the bands were on Fire - growlin' bass and blasting horns - and loads of goegeous peeps rockin out and havin a Blast - Ella Guru Rules!!
12 Aug 03
THE FRIDGE, Brixton,London
A very enjoyable show - great LOUD PA facing in all directions around the room and a deaf guy on the mixing board - no stage, played at crowd level which made for an intimate and friendly environment.
19 Jul 03
The Verge, KentishTown, London with DANS MON SALON and VoV
A suprise gig - called them up in the morning to see what was going on - invited to play with VoV, and found DIMITRI there, who asked me to play as well- so we did a set of MASSIVE XENAKIS soundwalls
9 Jul 03
A chaotic show with Danalogue joining me in an elephant mask on his modular MS20 - thanks dude! My slide projector exploded!
27 Jun 03
Lost Vagueness Casino - Nothing short of OTT amazing - two nights of playing Theremin sounds to a packed crowd dressed in 20's gear - played along to jazz bands, Djs, showgirls, and trapeze Elvi
17 Jun 03
Hills Road sixth form college, Cambridge THE THEREMIN LECTURES
Two back to back lectures and performances to Cambridge sixth form music students- first group loved it - girl in 2nd group kept hands over ears and asked me if the Theremin ever gave me a headache.
7 Jun 03
Strawberry Fair, Cambridge UM HIJACKED BY EVIL PANDA
I never get invited to play the fair...So I begged Pete the night before if I could play Theremin sounds during his set- he dressed as on safari and I was a panda - video of it soon on this site!
11 Apr 03
The Space, Isle of Dogs, London WITH the rude mechanicals
Theatricaly, one of the more interesting shows - the Rude Mechanicals played on stage beneath a film and I played along across the hall UP IN THE BALCONY with a spotlight. Fun gig
19 Mar 03
Bad Timing, Cambridge
with UM and The CHAP! The Chap Rock!! I love them. Met the beautiful Colin Verot who leapt from the shadows of the Portland Arms and handed me the keys to this website.
1 Mar 03
Bad Timing Electronic Club, Cambridge
electrical music show concieved. This show I decided to mix the avant-garde I had been doing with the fun and funky Electric library records and a few stage props - It worked.
2 Feb 03
Kettles Yard Art Gallery - A really posh gig in a nice white modern cubist room - sponsored by the University - my motherinlaw was impressed!
performing EGG with the CEA Quartett - Cosmic Bob on Guitar, Laura tanner on flute, Guy Avern on Piano, and me on theremin. Played 4 short avant-garde pieces. It was fun.
1 Nov 02
Drone Night, Portland Arms "DRONE NIGHT" with UM (Spacin' Out with Cosmic Bob taken from this set) we gave the guitar treats and played theremin to a wonderful rotating light show of stars and planets
Unfortunatly this was our last show together as a duo. Would love to do it again sometime!
1 Oct 02
Bad Timing, Hospital Music
with Cosmic Bob - continuing my "too lazy to compose music series" an intuitive set with Cos involving LOTS of beeps and bleeps and we dressed as surgeons and Cos played guitar on an operating table
1 Sep 02
Mumford Theater, APU, Cambridge
with Cosmic Bob - In a nice proper theatre with an audience full of nodding music boffins - awesome acoustics, I traced sounds up the opposite wall of the auditorium with my finger
1 May 02
Soiree, CB2, Cambridge
with Cosmic Bob - A TV on a high trolley between us showing an image of the moon - and we played a very slow eery moon like set - my Theremin line went staticy but happily I could play the static
1 Apr 02
Bad Timing, Cambridge
MFU goes into space - surrounded by oscilloscopes and reel to reels I played my first proper set in ages - and it was pretty mellow - Miss Roberts said it looked like I was flying a spaceship
1 Mar 02
The Junction, Cambridge
Our imptomptu set seemed to go down so well we were invited to do it at a bigger venue in which we became bloated rock stars and retired the act - court case pending
1 Feb 02
Bad Timing, Cambridge
Impromptu show - Greek wonder Boy Dimitri shows up with his extra large organ and asks me to play Theremin during his set - I was still a bit green on the magic antennae but we were punk rock
1 Jan 02
Faster Daddy, Cambridge
This was a terrible show in a bad jumper - I called myself GENTLEMANS RADIO HOUR for this show ( I still like that name ) was probably pretty good. Saloon headlined.
1 Dec 01
 first Theremin show - it objected horribly - I didnt prepare ANYTHING for the show, total freeform plan, walked off after 3 minutes. Shite!
1 Jul 01
Cambridge Museum of Science and Technology
played shortwave to Stockhausen's Hymnen  - I played in a room full of WWII shortwaves and switchboards. music and strange sounds and ezperiments all day.
1 Jul 01
Spare Toasters
The Science of Musical Sound Experiment - all sounds sampled from two scientific flexi-discs explaining the science of sound - utilized a huge backdrop of explanations for each segment - good fun
1 Jun 01
Faster Daddy, Cambridge
I think Dave, Jo, Andrew, and Chris from CEN were the only people at this, one of my sharpest performances.
1 May 01
LEAPS,CC's, Cambridge
Sonic shortwave drone with big astro film! A huge theatre screen behind me with kitsch 60's films of planets and volcanic moons and orbital diagrams while I played huge waves of radioactive shortwave
1 Mar 01
LEAPS, CC's, Cambridge citi-life
spontaneous 20 musician electronic jam - I was last on, but they ran out of time and said I had 5 minutes to play - I thought screw it and invited ALL the evenings bands on at once to jam a cacophony.
1 Jan 01
Faster Daddy, Cambridge
supporting UM and his brother Rob Jesus whom many years later i would be writing songs with.
1 Dec 00
Spare Toasters, Portland Arms, Cambridge
First gig I played with Pete UM and met Jo Brook who would become a very important figure for my music, setting up the cambridge club Bad Timing, bringing in musicians from abroad. pete amazed me with his vocals and performance - so cool.
1 Jul 00
Circuit Club, Kings Cross, London
Half a year later, went back and did the same thing, with NO spirit and bombed - I've vowed never to do the same thing twice again
1 Dec 99
Circuit Club, Kings Cross, London
My first gig was actually one of my best - played a huge hammond organ with my computer on top of it - I resembled a fella at work at his desk, typing music with a fag in his mouth. Great.
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